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Virtual Arbitration
Even as the pandemic begins to subside, it appears that virtual arbitration is here to stay. Prior to the pandemic, arbitration clauses appeared in many contracts but were not consistently utilized or enforced. The massive backlog in the courts as a result of the pandemic has certainly made the arbitration forum more attractive to litigants desiring more efficient resolution of their claims. Many arbitrations were able to proceed virtually during the pandemic while courts remained closed, and lessons were learned that indicate that, indeed, virtual arbitration is the “new normal.”

In this webinar, Wilson Elser partner Joseph Francoeur discusses how to approach virtual arbitration, avoid potential pitfalls and maximize the practice’s inherent advantages. Drawing on experience in virtual arbitration, Joe will share the “dos and don'ts” that will make virtual arbitrations – and related virtual proceedings – the preferred option for dispute resolution.

Joe will be joined by Hon. Harriet Farber Klein, Of Counsel in the New Jersey office who, having served 15 years as a judge for the Superior Court of New Jersey, enjoys extensive arbitration experience. Judge Klein will offer her unique perspectives on the relative merits of virtual arbitration and optimizing its “real-world” execution. She will do so from the vantage point of the arbitrator and will address such topics as the importance of counsel’s proficiency with relevant technology, how to best present documentary evidence at the hearing, difficulties in the arbitrator’s remote evaluation of credibility evidence, the problem of “Zoom fatigue,” the use of hybrid proceedings, and more.

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